How to Participate?

  1. Teams can register to participate in the challenge. Only one registration is required per team (i.e. team leader). Participants, both individually or in groups, must complete this FORM (team information) and upload it to the Submission page. This registration is a mandatory step before downloading data and submitting results to the challenge. By registering, each team agrees to use the provided data only in the scope of the challenge and neither pass it on to a third party nor use it for any publication or for commercial uses.
  2. After registration, teams can download the dataset, including OCT volumes and annotations. The annotated labels are provided both on the B-scan level and patient level.
  3. Results of CAD systems on validation OCTs should be submitted as two distinct *.csv files:
    •  A list of B-scans and DR abnormality score (raw probabilities: 0~1), and
    •  A list of cases and predicted classes (0 or 1).
  4. The submitted results will be processed and will be published on the results page.
  5. In the case of receiving acceptable results, the methods/results of selected teams are compared together and final results will be reported in a paper which will be submitted to a high impact journal in the field of ocular image analysis.